Classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Sintra is a small Portuguese village near Lisbon, located on the hills of the Serra de Sintra. This picturesque and bucolic setting in the region is one of its great tourist attractions today.

In the past, the city’s climate and location have gained the attention of the country’s nobility, which has resulted in the construction of elegant palaces, huge mansions and the modernization of the landscaping, which has gained decorative gardens and natural parks.

In this way, the number of impressive historic buildings and the lush landscapes, as well as its proximity to Lisbon, have made the city a very popular tourist destination, and often listed among the most beautiful towns in Europe.


Sintra Attractions

  1. Quinta da Regaleira

Quinta da Regaleira, is a palace located in the lower part of Sintra, which has a huge garden and formed by hundreds of species of flowers. In addition, one of the greats of the place is the famous Inverted Tower, a tower that is connected to several tunnels that give access to different parts of the palace.

  1. National Palace of Sintra

Also known as Palácio da Vila, the place was built during the 14th century, and since then it has undergone several reformulations, in which the Portuguese have added distinct artistic and architectural elements. Thanks to this, the palace has a unique structure, with details of the Baroque, Medieval, Gothic, Renaissance and Romantic styles.

  1. Center of Sintra

The Sintra center, although not large, reserves several surprises such as local shops, traditional restaurants and very charming cafeterias. In addition to being narrow, the alleys in this region are very flowery and preserved, which makes this experience even more incredible.

  1. Palácio da Pena

Considered by many to be the best attraction, this 19th century palace was designed by a nobleman who was fascinated by art, which resulted in a refined and surprising construction. In addition to its equally interesting interior, the facade of the Palácio da Pena impresses with its vivid colors and the adornments in the shape of mythological creatures.

  1. Museum of the Arts of Sintra

The Museum of the Arts of Sintra is a modern space, located within a beautiful building of neoclassical style. In this museum, tourists can enjoy a huge collection of works by the artist José Berardo, which includes surrealist and minimalist pieces. In addition, the site also has paintings by Picasso and Warhol, among others.


How to get to Sintra

  • Plane

Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport is the most suitable air access to get to Sintra, and is located about 25 km from the city. Leaving some capitals of Brazil, it is possible to fly directly to the place. To make the journey between the airport and Sintra, the best option is to rent a car or take a train at the Lisbon station.

  • Car

Tourists who leave Lisbon by car can reach Sintra by taking the A37 highway and then enter the A16 when they are approaching the city.

  • Train

There is a train line that connects the capital Lisbon and the city Sintra every 30 minutes, which leaves from Rossio station and disembarks at central station. The return ticket costs around EUR 4.30.

  • Bus

The bus is not the best way to get to Sintra because the vehicles are usually full and make several stops before arriving in the city. However, it is possible to travel between Lisbon and Sintra by bus for approximately EUR 5.