The Wine and Vineyard Festival is one of the biggest events in Loures, attracting every year thousands of visitors. This is a Festival held in the second week of October every year, with the intent of showcase art and artesanal craftsmanship connected to viticulture.

The fame of the Bucelas wine is ancient and thought to be introduced by the Roman Empire. It is in a Chronicle about the discovery of the maritime way to India, the sailors of the Saint Gabriel Ship would, once arrived to Portugal, celebrate with good food and white wine.

Other authors claim that Rhine strains are Portuguese and were transported to Germany bu the Teutonic Knights. But the beginning of the international projection dates from the French invasions, due to the pleasure of the English Military felt while drinking it, and then when returning to England, spread it out creating a strong current of export.

It is told that King George III, still prince regent, was at a time ill  and found no better medicine than the Bucelas wine, offered by Wellington in is return from the Portugal Campaigns. After the Peninsular War, it became usual in court and its subjects.

In Shakespeare times it was known as “Charneco”, and later “Lisbon Hock”

If you prefer a tour on one of the more historic wine cellars in portugal, instead of Wine and Vineyard Festival, you can book it here.