If you’re planning to visit the Portuguese capital soon, we are sure that a guide of the Top 25 things to do in Lisbon Portugal. Is exactly what you need to read What to in Lisbon to make sure you enjoy the best way possible your stay in this beautiful city.
Lisbon is hilly and full of history. Known for its café tradition and Fado music, Lisbon is one of those cities that will make you feel emerged in old city’s pastel-colored buildings, the amazing cuisine and amazing people. And we tell you what to in Lisbon!

1. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Take a Walk at Avenida da Liberdade.

One of the most important central avenues in Lisbon, there you can find many hotels, luxury stores and historic buildings which architecture and design will amaze you.

2. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Visit Downtown of Lisbon

It is the main shopping and banking district that stretches from the river front to the main avenue. Streets named according to the shopkeepers and craftsmen who traded in the area.

3. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Cross 25th April Bridge.

25 de Abril bridge connects the city of Lisbon with Almada, crossing the Tejo river. This red suspended bridge has both road lanes and railway tracks. It is one of the most notable bridges in Lisbon.

4. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Visit Best of Sightseeing Places.

ENJOY THE VIEW AT MIRADOURO DA GRAÇA – One of the many sightseeing places in Lisbon, located in a residential area with some restaurants and a church nearby, it is perfect to enjoy a view of Lisbon during the sunset hour. MIRADOURO DA SENHORA DO MONTE is another beautiful place to enjoy an amazing view over Lisbon. MIRADOURO SÃO PEDRO DE ALCÂNTARA – is another sightseeing place, with the plus of being located right next to a Port Wine shop Institute, so you can enjoy the view while tasting the best Port Wine.

5. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Visit Alfama District.

Alfama is the oldest district of Lisbon and is a delightful maze of narrow streets. Which lead from the Tejo estuary uphill to the castle. Contained within this ancient district there are some of Lisbon’s most historically important buildings including the Sé Cathedral, Lisbon Castle, National Pantheon and Saint Anthony’s Church.

6. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Enjoy a Night Out and Dine With a Live Act of Fado.

One of the most genuine ways of experiencing Lisbon’s soul. Is enjoying a heart-warming meal while listening to Fado. This genre is considered Portugal’s soundtrack and was recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. A shawl, a Portuguese guitar, a voice and heartfelt emotion. This simple image could describe Fado, a recognized symbol of Portugal, and a music of the world that is genuinely Portuguese.

7. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Take a Ride on Tram.

Yellow Tram is one of the city’s main icons and one of the best ways to discover Lisbon. There are several tram lines, but catch Tram 28 and enjoy a charming journey through Alfama, Castelo & Graça, Baixa-Chiado, Estrela and Campo de Ourique neighbourhoods. You can hop off near attractions such as Sé Catedral, the flea market and Miradouro Portas do Sol.

8. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Try Pastéis de Belém.

Also known as Pastel de Nata, this Portuguese egg tart pastry were created before the 19th century by Catholic monks at the Jerónimos Monastery. In the shape of the pastry cup and the filling. Some prefer the cream slightly “curdled” to give it a rustic appearance and unusual texture. The Pastéis de Belém were mentioned by The Guardian as the 15th tastiest delicacy in the world. If you like cinnamon, we suggest you try with a bit of cinnamon on top of Pastel de Belém – delicious!

9. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Visit Jerónimos Monastery.

Jerónimos Monastery is one of the most important religious buildings in Lisbon and a must-visit tourist attraction during your holidays in Lisbon. The main attraction is the delicate Gothic chapel that opens up on to a grand monastery, in which some of Portugal’s greatest historical figures are entombed.

10. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Visit Belém Tower.

This fortified tower located in Belém, Lisbon is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tower was built in the early 16th century and is a prominent example of the Portuguese style “Manuelina”. Reached via a walkway raised out of the water on timbers, the tower is filled with intricate stonework and has wide Atlantic views.

11. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Order a Salted Cod Fish Dish “Bacalhau” For Dinner.

Of course, the Portuguese cuisine varies across the country, but one can invariably find everywhere fresh fish and seafood. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the national dish is represented by the dried, salted cod, a specialty named “bacalhau”. This course has been around ever since the discovery age, when sailors caught the fish, salted it and dried it in order to make it last the long voyages between continents. Portugal is known for the quantity and quality of delicious salted cod fish dishes, and while in Lisbon you should try at least a few of those.

12. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Visit Saint Domingos Church.

It used to be the largest church in Lisbon and nowadays is still considered one of the important monuments in this city. Built in 1241, it was reconstructed later, but maintains the initial magic and history. Find more on our walking tour.

13. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Drink a Shot of Ginja.

Ginja or Ginjinha as most people call it, is a liqueur made of a cherry-like berry called (not surprisingly) Ginja. The berries are fermented into a brandy that’s slightly bitter, slightly sweet and very sticky.

14. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Visit Lisbon Cathedral.

One of the oldest religious buildings in Lisbon that you must visit (both inside and outside). Since the beginning of the construction of the cathedral, in the year 1147. The building has been modified several times and survived many earthquakes. It is nowadays a mix of different architectural styles. It is classified as a National Monument since 1910.

15. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Visit Casa do Alentejo.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience as you dine in the beautiful hall of a 17th Century palace. Casa do Alentejo features a traditional Portuguese menu that focuses on simple, hearty food from the Alentejo region. Famous dishes include the Porco do Alentejo (pork, chorizo and clams in sauce) and Sopa do Alentejo (pork soup with broken egg). Expect fish and meat dishes that are rich with flavos and plan on staying for enough time to digest both the food and the inspiring ambiance.

16. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Visit Igreja Santa Maria de Belém.

The church Igreja de Santa Maria de Belém is adjacent to the Jerónimos Monastery. You can enter it first – since it it in the western part of the monastery. It features many details embedded in its walls. It contains the tombs of Vasco da Gama and Luís de Camões.

17. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Visit Lisbon’s Oceanarium.

This aquarium was built for Expo 98, which occurred in Lisbon. It is the largest indoor aquarium in Europe and a must visit during your vacation in Lisbon. In case you are travelling with kids, be sure to amaze them with this tour.

18. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Visit Parque das Nações.

A leisure, commercial, and residential area since the 1998 World Exposition it covers an extensive area in northeaster Lisbon next to the Tagus estuary, formerly used for mainly industrial purposes.

19. Top 25 things to do in Lisbon Portugal: Visit Best Shopping Centres.

Lisbon has some of the largest shopping malls in Europe – COLOMBO, CENTRO VASCO DA GAMA and EL CORTE INGLES.

20. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Visit Benfica Stadium.

Discover the Portuguese passion for football on a guided tour of Luz Stadium, home to the S.L. Benfica Football Club, one of the most popular football clubs in Lisbon and Portugal.

21. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Visit Market Feira da Ladra.

Lisbon’s flea market is called locally the Feira da Ladra, often thought to mean “Thieve’s Market” (in Portuguese “ladra” is a woman thief). A market of this type is thought to have been in place in Lisbon since the 12th Century and the name Feira da Ladra was first mentioned in the 17th Century. Today, the traders here are perfectly legal, many of them gypsies showing their wares in the Campo de Santa Clara street, in the district of Alfama.

22. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Taste Portuguese Beer.

If you love beer, you will be happy to hear that Portugal is one of Europe’s biggest producers and exporters. The country has a wide selection of brands available most bars and restaurants.
As Portugal has a warm, sunny climate, it is the perfect place to enjoy a good cold beer. They even have a dedicated Beer Museum, which has opened in Lisbon. There you can learn about the history of beer brewing in Portugal, and the brewing process. The best thing about it is the tastings.

23. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Enjoy Go2Lisbon Tagus River Tour.

It’s innovated the tours offer existing in Lisbon by creating a unique sightseeing experience that allow us to enjoy the Portuguese capital both by land and sea. And how is it possible, you may ask. The answer is quite simple: an amphibious bus! In fact, the all tour is done aboard an amphibious bus that takes tourists from land to sea and back again with all the comfort and safety. Check this TOUR HERE.

24. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Visit Biggest Outlet Shopping In Europe.

Freeport Outlet Alcochete has a large variety of retail shops and leisure on offer. At Freeport you will find the best brands with greatly reduced prices, in a variety of areas; from clothing, cosmetics, appliances and home décor.

25. Top 25 What to in Lisbon: Take a Walk To Bairro Alto.

Be sure to visit it to get a feel of the tradition and history of Portugal’s capital. This area is great at any time of day but really comes alive at night! If you want to experience Lisbon’s nightlife, come here to have fun with lots of people out in the streets, drinking from bar to bar. The area has lots of bars, restaurants and galleries.
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