It was announced by The Weeknd a passage through Portugal for the “After Hours Til Dawn” Tour. The Europe part of the tour will start at June 6th in Passeio Marítimo de Algés.

The tour will celebrate the album “After Hours”, launched in 2020 where the mega single “Blinding Lights” was released (elected as the song that lead the top of the Billboard Hot 100 the longest) as well as the acclaimed hit “Dawn FM”.

Mike Dean and Kaytranada will join the artist during the first half of the show in all European dates.

The “After Hours Til Dawn” tour has Binance support, the biggest blockchain global ecosystem.

Anyone who has tickets to the tour will get an exclusive NFT as a gift and will also have access to an exclusive NFT collection of the tour. This is an endeavor with support of HXOUS, a reflection center and community incubator for creative entrepreneurs. 5% of all NFT sales will be donated to XO Humanitarian Fund.

As a Goodwill Ambassador for the UNs World Food Programme, “The Weeknd” once again made a partnership with WFP with the goal of raising funds through this second stage of his tour.

The second stage of the “After Hours Til Dawn” tour starts at Passeio Marítimo de Algés on June 6th, a concert long awaited, where the great hits of one of the most successful artists wil echo.

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