The latest issue of Lonely Planet‘s “101 Wonders of the World,” the world’s largest travel guide publisher, declares Sintra as one of its Wonders, highlighting this romantic city as a destination not to be missed in 2020.

Some of Sintra’s best features that have made it one of the chosen Wonders are the ocean waves, exotic parks where palaces and monuments lurk without a doubt, the views of Sintra are breathtaking.
Without a doubt, Sintra is a city to visit for those who land in Lisbon for a day or more, scenery that seems to have come out of Fairy Tales, not forgetting that it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
This is one more reason to highlight Sintra as a city not to be missed, whoever chooses the city as their destination never disappoints. Among exotic gardens, the charming Pena Palace and Quinta da Regaleira, the historic houses, the ruins of the Moorish Castle and much more, no doubt everyone will love it.

Note that for the first time in 80 years, the Pena National Palace Smoking Room has been restored to match the times of D. Fernando II, and there was also the restoration of D. Carlos i.
Sintra is a city that remains traditional, always being constantly renewed, whether locals or visitors, all are enchanted with the city, and this is not indifferent to those who pass by, marking all with the best memories.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Sintra, a wonder of the world, with all its charms it will be a trip not to be missed, and we can help you with that, on one of our tours, whether in private or in group you will have a local guide that will show you all the secrets of Sintra, making this a trip you will never forget.