The charms of Serra da Estrela are not unknown to the Portuguese, but UNESCO has now made it enter the restricted core of World Heritage Geopark, something that local landmarks can be proud of. This may be the perfect excuse to pay a visit to the Sierra and venture into breathtaking landscapes. Snow is the great attraction of winter, but not far behind is gastronomy and arts to glimpse.

It was at the 4th Session of the World Geopark Council held in Indonesia that UNESCO approved the Sierra’s application to be declared World Geopark.

The Estrela Geopark Association is made up of 9 municipalities from Guarda, Castelo Branco and Coimbra districts, IPG and UBI (University of Beira Interior).

It is the ideal place to escape the routine and spend rest days in this internationally recognized world heritage site, no matter what time of year, it will always be an adventure of a lifetime.

With an area of 2216 Km2, the territory of this Geopark reflects a diverse landscape, the result of multiple geological transformations, recorded climatic contrasts, as well as human occupation, whose first records date back to the early 4th century BC.

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