For the first time in 24 years, F1 returns to Portugal, where it will be held at the legendary Autodromo do Algarve for the first time. The track is famous for its exhilarating uphill and downhill sections, and roaring straights, giving it the nickname, ‘The Algarve Rollercoaster’.

It was a hard beginning for the British, who won his 92nd race, beating Michael Schumacher and becoming the most successful F1 pilot of all time.

Hamilton made sure he got the Pole Position on Saturday, already in the last lap of qualification, giving him the chance to start the Sunday P1.

Unfortunately, the rain changed LH44 plans. He had trouble with the tire temperature, do the wet and cold conditions of the track, not making it possible for him to maintain the fastest lane track.

The F1 pilot would eventually start the second lap in 3rd place. During the next 20 laps, Hamilton successfully improved his lap time, and raised himself in the placement, and surpass his teammate, and until then leader of the race, Valtteri Bottas.

Taking advantage of the DRS Hamilton passes his teammate, Hamilton gain advantage of 18km/h over his teammate. Bottas still anticipated an attack maneuver by Hamilton, but he did nothing besides take advantage of his high speed, leaving Bottas to move aside to the dirty part of the track and successfully lose speed and time without reason.

Once in the leadership position, Hamilton’s dominion was explicit. The British increased the distance over his teammate, lap upon lap, until he reached 25 seconds of advance at the end of the race, the biggest lead this year.

But Hamilton himself has the notion that his race wasn’t perfect. In the middle of the F1 race, the now record-winning complaint via the radio that he had a cramp in his gas foot. Cramp that, according to him, was “almost unbearable”, emphasis on “almost”, given that with horrible pain, Lewis Hamilton improved is lap time, lap after lap, until the end of the race.

Once reaching the boxes, Hamilton was greeted with celebration from his team, friends, and family. The 6th world champion hugged his father, Anthony Hamilton, with tears in his eyes. Anthony watched every race of his son on the limits of the track. Upon his interview about winning and breaking the record, Hamilton answered: “All I can say is that I am trying to take the best out of every day, all that we do together.”


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