In one of our articles, we have already talked about this mysterious place of Portugal, one of the cliffs on the coast of Cascais. Its name in Portuguese sounds like “Boca do Inferno”, which means “Hell’s Mouth”. Also, locals call it “Hell’s Throat” or “Gates of Hell”. It sounds no less frightening.

Great part of the entire coast of Cascais is a steep coast with rocky cliffs where “Hell’s Mouth” is located. For many centuries, the raging ocean has been processing formidable rock formations, as a result of which washed intricate caves and grottoes in the rocks. So there was an awesome cliff called the “Hell’s Mouth.” It seems to be nothing unusual, just the result of the deeds of nature itself. But no! There are many mysterious legends associated with this place. And in ordinary life, there are different oddities.

In calm weather, when the sea lies in a smooth surface, an atmosphere of calm and tranquility reigns here, but during periods of low tide, high tide and storm, “Hell’s Mouth” looks very mystical. Raging waves thunder eerily and dance their foamy dances around the cliff, breaking through a round arch into a deep grotto. This roar and roar sounds like a sound from the netherworld. Sometimes locals hear it like the roar of an unknown animal or crying. It is dangerous to approach the edge of the grotto, because the strong and fierce waves wants to capture a careless onlooker in its sea captivity.

A special energy reigns in this place, even ordinary inhabitants feel this atmosphere, causing mixed feelings. Time seems to freeze here.

Despite the notoriety, millions of tourists are eager to get here and see with their own eyes the legendary “Hell’s Mouth”. Indeed, despite all the legends, this is a real miracle of nature, very spectacular and awesomely beautiful.

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