This season of giant waves in Nazaré has already begun. This season is an important time for the Nazaré area, attracting many tourists from around the world to see these intimidating waves up close, and if you wish we can help you get to know this unique setting with a tour of Nazaré.

For many, they risk try catching one of these waves, which can reach above 30 meters height, and surf, giving viewers an impressive view not only of their capabilities but also of the size of these giant waves.

In 2010 the famous big wave surfer Garrett McNamara came to Nazareth at the invitation of Dino Casimiro, starting the Zon North Canyon Show project, having in 2011 Garrett McNamara caught a wave of about 23.77 meters, breaking the world record and launching Nazaré to the world.

In 2017 this record would be broken when Rodrigo Koxa, a Brazilian surfer, while surfing a wave of 24.38 meters.

The giant waves of Nazaré are formed due to an undersea canyon called Nazaré Canyon. This gorge, located about 500 meters from the Portuguese coast and reaching depths of 5000 meters, acts as a wave generator, helping them to travel at a much higher speed than normal, with almost no energy dissipation.

Giant waves occur in Praia do Norte, making the best place to observe the giant waves to be by the lighthouse, Forte de São Miguel Arcanjo, but you can also come down to the beach seeing the waves from another perspective, but you should be very carefully near the sea, as it can be dangerous if distracted.

If you want to see these giant waves, the best time for this is between October and March. You can pay a visit to Nazaré by booking a tour with Go2Lisbon Tours, traveling in comfort and getting to know all the secrets in depth with a friendly local guide, ensuring a unique and unforgettable experience.

giant waves Nazaré

giant waves Nazaré

giant waves Nazaré