Last time we told you about fascinating Fátima tours from Lisbon to the religious center of Portugal. Today we want to tell you more about the history of this special place and how Fatima became a European spiritual center.

The main event that brought fame to the settlement of Fatima was the appearance of the Virgin Mary. She came to 3 children, a girl named Lucia, her cousin Jacinta and a cousin named Francisco. The phenomena occurred as much as 6 times in 1917 for nearly six months from the end of spring to mid-autumn. In the Christian world, these events have become one of the most significant in history. The three children talked about the fact that an unfamiliar woman appeared in the same place, by an oak tree, and was dressed in snow-white clothes. The woman emitted light that was brighter than a sunny day. The Holy Virgin Mary every time called to repent of their sins and pray to God. Many did not believe young children and took their stories for a stormy fantasy.

In the autumn of 1917, thousands of people gathered in the town of Fatima to see the appearance of Virgin May. Mary appeared to them, then the huge storm that was occurring stopped, and a big ball of fire spanned above in the sky drying the crowds cloth and the land. This event is known in the religious history of Christians as the “Miracle of the Sun.” After this, Fatima received the status of one of the most important shrines of Catholicism.

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