Portugal has highlighted itself internationally by the measures adopted in the fight against COVID-19. The pandemic has affected the whole country and restricted the normal function of the economic, cultural and social activities in Portugal. The virus has caused problems on a global level, bringing insecurities and fear to most people. We know the current situation can generate a lot of doubts. Mainly to those who were planning their vacations. We hope this measures last as least as possible, but while this doesn’t blow over, Go2Lisbon is following the situation up close to provide a safe service to all our clients, following all Portuguese authorities guidelines.

To this effect, it’s worth noting some information about COVID-19:

  • The virus is transmitted from person to person and occurs by cough, sneeze and speech, that is why respiratory etiquette is important and the usage of individual protection equipment. Transmission may occur through contact with contaminated surfaces.
  • Symptoms may vary in accordance with the severity of the case, but the major signs that a person might be infected are: sore throat, tiredness and muscle pains;
  • Most people show light to moderate symptoms and recover from them.

Given this information, we at Go2Lisbon, are working on actions that can assure the safety of our clients and when tourism activities resume. Then we will be ready to attend to all your needs. To that effect we’ve created a prevention and control protocol for COVID-19.

Check some of our efforts:

  • Use of masks: You should always use protective masks and/or visors and comply with the respiratory etiquette.
  • Disinfectant gel: Hand sanitize frequently with disinfectants that have at least 70% of alcohol.
  • Symptoms: The entire team should check the temperature frequently. In case anyone has any of the symptoms, they should inform the Go2Lisbon team to look for a new guide who will do the Tour.
  • Advance tickets: To avoid unnecessary queues, the Go2Lisbon team will purchase tickets in advance for your convenience and safety.
  • Vehicle cleaning and disinfection: All vehicle surfaces are regularly disinfected, following the guidelines of health authorities.