The Contemporary Dance Festival Cumplicidades will start on March 6, 2020, ending on March 21, with this year as the term “Multiverse”.

Every year this festival has a different programmer, thus ensuring a variety in its programming, ensuring a renewed look at the entire creative landscape of dance. Together with this program, proposals for local and international partnerships are added.

The diversity of views is cultivated at this festival, together with interventions in the public forum, making it possible for this art form to achieve a true transversal dialogue in society.

The Cumplicidades contemporary dance festival has Portuguese and foreign artists, internationally recognized or on the rise.

The festival was conceived based on the idea of ​​complicity, challenging artists, organizations and the public to create a map of Lisbon that is defined by contemporary dance, wanting to mark this artistic area in the city’s imagination.

This year’s term, “Multiverse”, fits in the fact that it is found in the diversity of languages, biographies, chronologies and distinct geographies (local, regional and transnational) of the artists gathered, with infinite interpretations for everything.

If you want to know more about this city or the country hosting this event, you can book a tour with Go2Lisbon, or book a transfer to one or more of the numerous dance events that will take place, you will not regret it.