Alentejo trip trip for the visitor it feels like undiscovered territory, a sleepy landscape of empty roads, pretty white villages, fields of half-naked cork-oak trees, vines, olive groves and small towns that have remained practically unchanged for centuries – and perfect road trip country. Évora climbs a gentle hill above the Alentejo plain. Around the walled centre runs a ring road from which you can enter the town on one of several “spoke” roads.

Évora makes for a fantastic tourist destination with numerous interesting sights, a traditional heritage and an unhurried ambiance, in part due to the intensely hot summers. Historically, Évora was an important trading and religious centre, and this is reflected by the many tourists attractions which can be discovered within the city walls. Évora should not be mistaken as a sleepy old relic that is reliant on its glorious past: the city is young and vibrant, with a large student population who attend one of the world’s oldest universities. The relatively small city of Évora is a gem of a tourist destination, so let us be your Évora guide and show you why you should include it as part of your tour of central Portugal.

The monuments of Évora are varied and include the prehistoric standing stones, the ghoulish chapel of bones, the Diana Roman Temple, the university complex and the fortified cathedral, just but to name a few. Inside the city walls there are narrow cobbled streets lined with traditional painted buildings and ways of life that have not been altered in generations.

Cathedrals, churches, aqueducts and ancient castle walls all serve to create the feeling that Évora is a living, breathing museum to Portugal’s rich past. And yet, as a university city, Évora, Portugal, is also a window to the country’s exciting future.

How to Get There, and have an Alentejo trip
In the Oriente Railway Station you can take the Intercity train direct to Évora. It is also possible to travel from Lisbon airport to the Zoo Metro station, where there is correspondence with the bus station of the Rede Nacional de Expressos. In the Sete Rios bus station of the Rede Nacional de Expressos, you can take a direct express bus to Évora.
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