Portugal has a lot to offer, beaches, restaurants, fields, but there are also a number of extreme activities that can be planned in our country for those who enjoy adrenaline.

Hot air balloon

Although this first suggestion is not the adrenaline rush, it is not indicated for those who are afraid of heights unless they want to face their fear. To enjoy this experience nothing better than visiting the Alentejo. Depending on the time of year it is possible to make hot air balloon trips at sunrise or sunset in Évora, Beja and Castro Verde.


extreme activities

Sintra, Albufeira or Palmela are some of the places you can participate, but in reality the sport is already spread all over the country. It is a bullet war between at least two competing teams where the victors are the least shot. Ideal for gathering friends on a fun weekend.


extreme activities

Portugal has quite attractive beaches and surfing almost becomes a National Heritage Site. It can be practiced almost any time of the year in this country. The Costa Vicentina has several suitable beaches, being Arrifana the one that most fills the measures of lovers of the sport. In the center is in Ericeira, where some world circuits usually pass, the most advised.

If surfing is not right for you and is one of the ones who enjoys seeing the stars, Nazaré is the best place, with its cannon that generates giant waves.


Serra da Arrábida, Serra da Estrela and Serra de Montejunto are three of the places in Portugal that are best suited for climbing. Beginner or experienced, they should seek expert advice so that safety conditions are met.


This latest activity is aimed at the truly fearless, paragliding. Many confuse paragliding with parachutes, but to very substantial differences. To practice paragliding is necessary a fixed and elevated place, so that it can launch in the air, in the case of parachute the jump usually starts from an airplane. Paragliding can have a smoother flight, allowing trips along the coast through which you can enjoy a great landscape.

This were just a few of the Extreme Activities in Portugal, visit us and find all that Portugal has to offer.