This year, the city of Sintra celebrates the 25 years of elevation to World Heritage in the category of “Cultural Landscape”, commemorating this occasion with more than 200 events scheduled during the year, with an estimated attendance of around three million people among the various activities.

The presentation of this program was held at the National Palace of Queluz, in a ceremony attended by the Mayor of Sintra. According to the official statement from the Municipality of Sintra, these events aim to show the diversity of the council’s cultural manifestations.

This event will be marked with more than 100 musical moments, more than 70 plays, 20 days of historical recreations. 12 popular party and fair events, a dozen conferences and 8 new exhibitions.

Among the events to be highlighted is the International Festival of Traditional Music of Sintra, Festival of Classical Theater, Ibero-American Congress on Landscape Studies, Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival and the creation of the Script of Historic Sources of Sintra.

During the commemorations of Sintra 25 years as World Heritage, all municipal museums will have free admission.

Sintra is undoubtedly a magical place, and these celebrations are well deserved, no one who passes through this city can remain indifferent, be it for its stunning natural landscapes or romantic castles that seem to come out of fairy tales.

In Sintra you can always find something for everyone, it is a place where the preservation of history and tradition combine with development and progress, without a doubt something not to be missed, and, this year, with even more charm for everyone.

If you want to get to know the city of Sintra, without a doubt we can help you, taking a tour with us either privately or in a group, accompanied by a local guide and in a comfortable vehicle, without a doubt it will be a trip that will last forever.