More than a theme park, the Capital of Christmas will be a history and experience, the magic of Lapland will reach the Algés Promenade in Oeiras.

This theme park, although not one at all, is called the “Capital of Christmas”, and is intended to be really much more than a theme park, and its founder tried to make a dream come true of creating a space for Christmas, completely immersive, containing a story that was something the country has never seen.

The Capital of Christmas will be available from November 29th to January 12th. Tickets are now available for sale on its official website,, prices starting at 20 per child and 24 per child. adult.

In this magical place everyone will be able to admire ice sculptures, enter the Snow Guardians Palace and play with real snow, dance on the ice with an unrivaled view of the Magic Dream Mirror, travel the Great Arctic Route, regain energy at the Gluttonous Elf Picnic. ride down the Brave Wind Mountains and travel with the Five Way Express. Lots of excitement will be prepared especially for the youngsters in the Elf Grove.

This park will have a lot of attractions that will make it quite special, but you should think of it as a huge open air spectacle with an unshakable backdrop.

In the Magic Mirror of Dreams (giant lake) it will be possible to watch a “water-show”, produced by the world’s leading experts on the subject, as well as for Disney, Dubai or even Las Vegas.

In space will also be the Tree of Infinite Time, 20 meters high (little over 74 feet), where it is the Joy, Generosity, Harmony and Courage giving life to this tree allowing it to make the Infinite Time.

This will undoubtedly be an experience not to be missed, and we can help you get there with a transfer there, do not miss this opportunity of a lifetime.