Sintra is a truly magical place in Portugal, amazing anyone who goes there. This charming town is composed of the stunning scenery of Serra de Sintra and it’s amazing breathtaking palaces and 19th century mansions.

This Magical Sintra was considered as simply an enjoyable day trip from Lisbon, and still is, but with the opening of new hotels and improving of tourist services, Sintra is now also a respected holiday destination.

Lisbon Airport

Lisbon Airport

With this, there are an increased number of people making the journey to Sintra from the airport, but Sintra isn’t the only improvement, public transportation has improved as well. The journey from Lisbon to Sintra is hassle-free even when made by public transportation, inexpensive and a recommended means to do the journey.

Options to travel between Lisbon Airport and Magical Sitnra

Sintra is located at about 25Km (15.53 miles), there are thee different ways to do this journey:

Travel to Sintra By Taxi

Going by taxi to Sintra can be very expensive, so you can choose an Uber that already arrived to Portugal being a slightly cheaper alternative. The difficulty about Uber from the Airport is the fact that Uber drivers are not allowed to pick up at arrivals, and that can cause confusion on the meeting location, and the trip taking about 40min, out of rush-hour traffic.

Travel to Sintra by train

The train to Sintra is a regional, that ends it’s travel in Sintra, witch makes it a considerable easy trip. The overall trip takes about between a hour and a hour and a half, by taking the subway, going to Oriente Station on the Red Line, and then taking the train to Sintra. Between the subway and train the trip costs about 6€ per person.


Travel to Sintra by pre-booked transfer

A pre-booked transfer is usually the best option when traveling with family or in a group, although prices vary, going from 45€ to 65€, with Go2Lisbon offering transfers for 3 people at 41.90€ and to 8 people at 61.90€, with option to ask for more seats for the transfer, as custom request, with all the comfort, privacy and safety of the passengers taken into consideration. This option will also take about 40min to arrive at your destination.