Next month is the 40th edition of Fantasporto, to be held every year since 1981 in the great city of Porto.

The main purpose of this event is just one, to show good cinema. Since its inception this event has always shown the fruit of its work by gaining access to some of Europe’s biggest productions as well as many of the greatest American films.

This festival also had a major influence on the introduction in Europe of film productions from New Zealand and South Korea.

Without rejecting low-budget, independent cinema, since its inception Fantasporto has always exposed cutting-edge techniques and what each country has to offer.

In its beginning Fantasporto had as its “specialty” the genre “Fantástico”, after the 80’s outbreak, this genre had a quality break, and wanting to maintain the level of quality of the program, the festival widened its horizons, being now open to all topics.

Fantasporto works with the largest Portuguese distributors, receiving premieres of high quality films. This work ethic and always wanting to maintain an excellent quality for its visitors, made Variety magazine consider Fantasporto one of the best in the world.

This year Fantasporto will be held from 25 February to 8 March, with the following sections:

  • Fantastic cinema;
  • Directors Week;
  • Orient Express;
  • Portuguese cinema;
  • Premiere and Panorama;
  • FantasClassics;
  • Retrospectives;
  • Tributes.

In this beautiful city of Porto, twice considered “Best Tourist Destination in Europe”, this festival will be held with 10 days of festival where directors, actors, actresses, producers and the public merge into one in a great celebration of cinema.

If you want to visit this great city, where this great festival is held and discover its charms, you can book a tour and be enchanted by one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with a friendly local guide. It would be an experience of a lifetime.