The most recent bicycle track opened in Lisbon. It is in Parque das Nações and has already hosted a stage of the Pump Track World Championship.

Parque das Nações was the stage for an elimination round for the World Championship, the “Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships”, which was present for the first time in Lisbon on the new Pump Track of Parque das Nações, the largest Portuguese track for this sport and one of the largest in Europe.

The city’s new spot was inaugurated on October 18, hosting one of the eliminatory rounds for the Pump Track world championship, which passed through Lisbon for the first time. In total, 56 participants used the complex for the World Cup qualifying test. The fastest Portuguese competitor on the Parque das Nações track was Bruno Cardoso, with a time of 30.085 seconds on the course.

The new track, which is next to the Vasco da Gama bridge and the Parque da Nações skate park, offers a phenomenal landscape setting, with a view of the bridge and the Tagus River that will leave anyone jaw-dropping.

The track at Parque das Nações is open to the public from October 19th. Next to the main track (for competitions), the equipment has a track for learning.

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Header photo by Câmara Municipal de Lisboa.