Terms & Conditions – Rent-a-Car

Terms & Conditions

  1. Client means the signatory person (s) of the acceptance of this contract and any person or entity to whom the rental expenses are billed by GoToGo, as indicated by the signatory, on the understanding that they are jointly and severally liable. “Vehicles” means the car identified in this contract including tires, accessory tools and equipment.
  2. The vehicle is the exclusive property of GoToGo. The client is not an agent, servant or employee of GoToGo, for whatever title and for what purposes. The customer acknowledges that he does not acquire any rights other than those contained in this contract.
  3. The vehicle is in good general working condition and the customer must return it in the same condition, except for the wear and tear caused by its normal use, to GoToGo, at the place where it was received or at one of its establishments, if so indicated in this contract, on the return date specified therein, or before that if GoToGo claims it. GoToGo reserves the right to recover the vehicle at any time, without claiming its return and at the customer’s expense, whenever it is used in violation of the terms and conditions of this contract. The customer, whether or not he acted at fault, will compensate GoToGo for the losses and damages suffered by the vehicle during the period in which he is at his disposal, as well as for the time of not using the vehicle, as soon as it is called by GoToGo except the following paragraphs:
    1. The customer will not be responsible for the direct loss or damage or accidents suffered by the vehicle and resulting from fire or theft, in case he has observed all the terms and conditions of this contract.
    2. The customer’s responsibility for the direct or accidental loss or damage suffered by the vehicle and resulting from collision or other causes, in the event that he has observed all the terms and conditions of this contract:
      1. IS LIMITED to a maximum stated on the back of this page;
      2. It will not be required by GoToGo if the customer accepts the collision damage waiver clause (SCDW);
      3. To carry out or have your towing carried out from your account to the station where the vehicle was rented unless otherwise specified by GoToGo;
      4. The customer will return all documents of the car at the end of the rental. If this does not happen, the customer will be responsible for paying €100 to GoToGo to cover all expenses related to the replacement of the respective documents;
      5. All damages caused to the upper parts of the vans as a result of the collision on bridges, arches, tree branches, will be the responsibility of the lessee even having acquired the SCDW;
      6. GoToGo declines any liability for insurance coverage for goods transported, the same being the responsibility of the renter. The transport of goods considered dangerous is not allowed;
  4. The customer will pay GoToGo, as soon as he is challenged:
    1. The cost of time and mileage calculated according to the rates contained in this contract (the mileage must be fixed according to what appears in the respective factory installed meter) and according to the current rates published by GoToGo;
    2. The minimum basic service, fuel, lubrication and other charges that are applicable;
    3. Taxes on the use or rental of the vehicle, or the amount charged by GoToGo, such as reimbursement of use taxes and other taxes related to the purchase and use of the vehicle;
    4. GoToGo’s expenses including reasonable attorney’s fees necessary to collect any amounts due by the client under this contract;
    5. In fines, penalties, sanctions, costs and other expenses that are legally imposed on GoToGo for the use of the vehicle, while the rental remains, unless GoToGo’s fault is due, such payment will not exempt the customer or any other person from civil or criminal liability resulting from their unlawful conduct; All costs are subject to final clearance.
  5. The client exempts GoToGo, as well as its agents and employees, from any responsibility for losses or damages suffered by its assets or from any other person left or transported in the vehicle, in any service vehicle or facility of GoToGo, received or stored by GoToGo, at any time, before, during or after this rental, even when GoToGo is at fault.
  6. The vehicle must not be used, operated or driven:
    1. In any race, track day race or competition;
    2. To transport people or things for hire or for any monetary reward;
    3. To push or receive any vehicle, trailer or any object;
    4. While the customer, or any other driver of the vehicle, is under the influence of alcohol, mind-blowing drugs, narcotics or barbiturates;
    5. In any other way that may cause the insurance to be canceled;
    6. By a driver if a legally issued driving license;
    7. By a driver whose age is not between the limits of 21 to 70 years;
    8. When it exceeds the number of passengers stipulated by law or when it is too loaded with luggage;
  7. The vehicle will not be maneuvered or driven by anyone other than the customer unless previously authorized by GoToGo, expressly stated in the space for that purpose. The approval by GoToGo of any other driver will not in any way mean waiving any of the obligations imposed on the customer.
  8. If the vehicle is obtained from GoToGo, due to fraud or misrepresentation, or if it is obtained or used to achieve an illegal objective, all use of the vehicle is considered to be without authorization by GoToGo and constitutes a breach of the agreement by the customer.
  9. INSURANCE The vehicle is covered by an Unlimited Liability insurance policy against third parties. In any GoToGo branch or agency, a copy of this Policy is available for consultation by the customer. As the customer is our policyholder, in accordance with said Policy, he is obliged to comply with the respective terms and conditions, considering said Policy as reproduced herein and forming an integral part of this contract. Accidents must be reported to GoToGo immediately within a maximum of 24 hours. The customer or the driver is obliged not to make statements in which they consider themselves guilty of the accident.
  10. The client releases the renter from all responsibility for loss or damage related to left objects kept or transported by the client or any other person inside and on said vehicle before or during the period of this rental or even in clearing the renter and defending and indemnify the renter against any claims and expenses based on or derived from such losses and damages.
  11. The customer will be responsible for all violations of traffic laws, namely those that regulate parking and stopping, and for the payment of the respective fines.
    1. The vehicle must not be used, operated or driven outside the territorial limits of Portugal without prior written authorization;
    2. The odometer cannot be violated or damaged, otherwise the rental will be charged at a base of 300km per day;
    1. GoToGo does not accept responsibility for delays or losses caused by breakdowns;
    2. The waiver of any of the rights contained in this contract will only be valid when it appears in written documents, duly signed by the legal representative of GoToGo;
  12. Disputes that arise between GoToGo and the customer are subject to the jurisdiction of the Lisbon courts and will be governed by the law of Portugal.