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Day 1 – Sintra and Lisbon Private Tour

This captivating Lisbon tour crams in the city’s must-sees! Immerse yourself in the fairytale Pena Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then, tantalize your taste buds with the world-famous Pastéis de Belém (Portuguese tarts) in the historic district of Belém.

Continuing the historical journey, you’ll visit the magnificent Jerónimos Monastery, another UNESCO site. Be sure to purchase tickets beforehand to explore the ornate cloister. Nearby, admire the imposing Belém Tower, a symbol of Portugal’s Age of Discovery.

No Lisbon tour is complete without a stop at the grand Praça do Comércio, the city’s main square. This whirlwind adventure showcases Lisbon’s rich tapestry of history, culture, and delectable treats!

Day 2 – Fátima and Mafra Private Tour

This adventure delves into Portugal’s religious and royal heritage. Explore the world-famous Sanctuary of Fátima, a pilgrimage site attracting millions each year.

Then, journey to the opulent Mafra National Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This magnificent baroque masterpiece boasts a lavish royal residence, a stunning basilica, and a breathtaking library. Prepare to be dazzled by the grandeur of Portugal’s past!


Pena Palace and Park

Marvel at Pena Palace, one of the most magnificent and recognisable tourist attractions of Portugal. The palace exemplifies the 19th century Romanticism style of architecture and stands atop a rocky peak, which is the second highest point in Sintra Hills. The Pena Palace richly decorated with Moorish and Manueline motifs. Enjoy panoramic views of the peaceful forests and lush gardens covered by exotic plants and flowers. The Palace of Pena was designated a National Monument in 1910 and forms part of the Cultural Landscape of Sintra, which has been classified by UNESCO as World Heritage since 1995.

Pasteis de Belem

It’s not possible to come to Lisbon without tasting the most well keep secret of the Portuguese pastries, the Pasteis de Belem. Everything started in 1837 in a small bakery and you’ll have the chance to try one (it's included in the price). There is also a local ritual to eating these delicacies that we will share with you.

Jeronimos Monastery

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos is the most popular monument in Portugal. It’s King Manuel I tribute to the great explorers of the 15th century (which includes the sea route to India founded by Vasco da Gama in 1498). We’ll not only learn about the Portuguese maritime discoveries, but we’ll also visit the church where Vasco da Gama is buried (we won’t go inside the monastery, but we'll visit the church).

Tower of Belem

Visit the tomb of the Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama and the poet Luis de Camões. Continue to Belém Tower and Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Monument to the Discoveries). Belém Tower was strategically built on the north bank of the Tagus River between 1514 and 1520, in order to protect Lisbon from attack. One of the jewels of architecture from the reign of King Manuel I, it was also inscribed by UNESCO in 1983.

Monument to the Discoveries

The Monument of Discoveries was originally erected in 1941 for the Portuguese World Exhibition and celebrates the main players from Portugal’s Age of Discoveries and the days of world exploration.

Fatima Sanctuary

Get picked up from Lisbon and begin your incredible discovery of Portugal's fascinating culture. Begin at Fátima, where you learn about the apparitions of the Virgin Mary that apparently occurred to a group of children in 1917. Discover the devotion to peace and spirituality at the Fátima Sanctuary. Fátima is one of the most important shrines to the Virgin Mary in the world, as three shepherd children are said to have stated that Mary appeared to them. Fátima is second only to Lourdes in France as Europe’s most important pilgrimage site, with a history and culture that will fascinate the religious and nonreligious alike.

Mafra National Palace

The first stop is in Mafra, where we discover the massive, monumental and colossal Baroque royal palace. The extravagant rooms of the royal apartments are furnished with exceptional pieces of 18th-century furniture and paintings. The grandiose monument was built to celebrate the birth of a daughter of King João V. We stroll through beautiful eight-square-kilometer royal hunting ground, and discover the library considered one of the finest in Europe! It contains 35,000 volumes, including the precious first edition Os Lusiadas by Luis Vaz Camões, the most respected Portuguese poet, a trilingual Bible from the 16th century, and the earliest edition of Homer in Greek.



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