Go2Lisbon / Partners

Who are we?

We are Go2Lisbon, a tour agency and placed in the market as one of the most well-established tour brands in Tours operators in Portugal, Go2Lisbon-tours&transfers. We have 5 years of working experience since 2013 and 4 TripAdvisor quality certificates with more than 1000 positive reviews that account for our great work.

What do we offer?

Increase your bookings.
Promotion of your brand.
Well defined and large target audience, the ones coming and the ones already here.
The readiness of our local support/customer service.
Our experience and knowledge at your disposal.
A facility in the management of your account and contact of our services (local).

Why partner with us?

If you are looking to find new channels to get your tour/activity to your clients then you found the right place.
We are an experienced, dynamic and ambitious company that is offering you not just the incising of your bookings and promotion of your brand but also a unique service of local support and customer service, which means that you can reach us via e-mail, website chat, phone and you can always meet with us.
Our strength in light of bigger marketplaces is that we are local. We are situated in Lisbon and focus only on Portugal as a destination having vast experience in promoting and selling Portuguese Tours. Our customer target audience is specific, we target the tourists that are looking for Portugal as a destination and the ones that are already here and are looking for new experiences.

How does it work?

Fill up application – apply for a partnership.
Approval – we review your application and you get approved granting you access to our services.
Marketing/selling – we display your products/services at our marketplace and sell them.
Profit – the client buys your product, you profit and we get commission.