If you would like to spend a pleasant weekend in Lisbon and haven’t decided yet where to go, check our brief plan for your next weekend.

According to the newspaper “The Telegraph” Lisbon is one of the cheapest capitals to spend your holidays in Europe. Lisbon is the only European capital located so close to sandy beaches, enabling visitors to combine culture with fun by the ocean. You will find a lot of interesting things to see and to do. It’s always available to do a lot of tours & excursions in Lisbon and around Portugal.

Its surroundings offer an incredible variety of tourist attractions, from fairytale palaces in one of Europe’s most romantic towns (Sintra), to world-class golf and fun in Europe’s largest casino in Estoril, to surfing in Cascais or escaping to a natural park in Arrábida, to dolphin-watching in Setúbal. t’s one of the safest European capitals. Tourists are always automatic targets in all big cities and visitors should beware of pickpocketing in Lisbon, but serious random violent crime is practically unheard of in this city.

In case you decided to explore Lisbon by yourself at first check our prices perk for your expenses in Lisbon. It’s easy and cheap to get to Lisbon airport from European capitals with lowcost airlines, most of the cities for 200 euro. It’s very easy get from Lisbon airport Portela to the city center with metro or you can order cheapest transfer here. Metro tickets will cost you 1.30 euro and depends on type of tickets. There are a dozens of locations in center to see, among them Commercial square, SE, castle of Saint Jorge, and much more. If you want to get more information about city and history of Lisbon, you can take a tour around Lisbon or outside the city. Cheaper souvenirs you can usually get in the city center. Also you can try Portuguese cuisine, the most famous dishes Cozido a Portuguesa, Bacalhau a bras, Caldo Verde, Feijoada transmontana (around 12 euro per portion). Don’t forget to taste famous Portuguese pastry – Pastel de nata or Pastel de Belém (from 0.35 euro). In souvenirs shops you will find numerous traditional products, but the most unique are definitely those made from cork(starts from 5 euro).You can visit most of interesting places on Lisbon sightseeing half day city tour small group


Don’t lose your chance to have a great Weekend in Lisbon.

Tourist perks in Lisbon