The Portuguese Republic was implanted after a revolution initiated by the Portuguese Republican Party on October 2, 1910. In the early hours of October 5, 1910 the constitutional monarchy was removed and from that date a republican regime was implanted in Portugal.

Several factors contributed to the revolution that implanted the Portuguese Republic, as the interests and British interference in the country, the expenses of the royal family, the high influence of the church, the political and social instability, the dictatorship of João Franco, among others. Portugal presented an enormous difficulty to follow the evolution of the times and to adapt to modernity and all these elements made the Portuguese monarchy collapse.

At the time, the republican party was the only one to present proposals and a program capable of taking Portugal to the place of progress.

The Republic was proclaimed at 9 am the next day from the balcony of the Paços do Concelho de Lisboa, giving rise to the 1911 Constitution and some of the national symbols, such as the national anthem, the flag and the currency, were replaced.

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