August has passed, but it is not time to say goodbye to this summer, there are still many hot days and Portuguese Beaches Worth Visiting, even in the “winter”.

Most secluded Portuguese beaches

Ribeira do Cavalo beach, located in Sesimbra, is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. Wild nature is perfect for nature lovers and sports shoes are advised.

Praia dos Coelhos is located just at 10 km from Setúbal, a great alternative to Arrabida’s best known beaches. A little farther from the main road, the best way to get there is to park your car and cross a short walk, but worth the walk.

Beaches for swimming

São Martinho do Porto beach is the one that draws the most attention, due to its unique shell shape, attracting a lot of locals as well as tourists. With very calm waters, it is perfect for family and relaxation, where you can swim at ease without any worries.

Foz do Arelho beach can make an authentic 2 in 1, as it is where a river meets the sea, can swim in the open sea or in a serene lake without great currents making it an ideal location.

Beaches for a perfect photo

The Marinha Beach in Lagoa, located in the Algarve, is perfect for appearing on Instagram, with its heart-shaped rock, often visited to take photos.

The beach of Samoqueira with its landscape worthy of appearing in a movie is located in Porto Covo. Venture caves, small islands and even a freshwater waterfall, this is where you will make everyone on your social networks catch their breath.

If you desire to learn more about this wonderful country, or see more Portuguese Beaches Worth Visiting, and it’s award winning beaches, you can book here a transfer to help you get to your destination.