Portugal was voted best European tourist destination for the third year in a row by the World Travel Awards . This award shows how Portugal strives to improve each year, surpassing itself as a travel destination or residence.

This award solidifies the name of Portugal internationally as one of the best tourist destinations, showing how the country is getting better and better, making it a tourists favourite.

This award consolidates the name of Portugal internationally as the best tourist destination, showing how the country increasingly improves making it a preference of tourists.

In addition to Portugal were named England, Austria, Germany, France, Ireland, Greece, Norway, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Turkey and Switzerland. Portugal won a total of 39 awards, in 2018 Portugal had won 3 less.

Lisbon received the Best City Break Destination Award and Best Cruise Port, Madeira elected as the Best Island Destination, Paiva Walkways the Best Tourism Development Project Award, Dark Sky Alqueva was distinguished with the European Tourism Award Responsible and Portugal Award for Best Official Tourism Organization.

More and more Portugal is consolidating itself as a tourism destination, as well as a more sustainable destination in Europe, a distinction that was made in March, the distinction of “most sustainable destination in the world”.

In the companies, TAP won, having received 3 distinctions: it was declared the best flight company for Africa and South America; and Up Magazine was considered the best in-flight magazine. Douro Azul was once again awarded as the best cruise company.

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