Boca do Inferno (“Hell’s Mouth”) is a special place in Portugal, which is associated with many mystical stories and mysterious legends. It is located near the fishing town of Cascais.

“Hell’s Mouth” is a rift, that the crashing waves on the rocky shore formed over the centuries. Giant sea waves with a terrible roar break on the base of the cliff, creating a truly gloomy sight, it looks especially impressive in cloudy weather and thunderstorms. On quiet days during the calm period, the cave looks picturesque and beautiful, which attracts a large number of people who want to be photographed against its background.

There is a legend that a long time ago an evil sorcerer kidnapped a beautiful girl and imprisoned her in a tower. Once he left in his travels, he entrusted the captive to the supervision of the most loyal knights. The young knight fell in love with the captive beauty, and they decided to escape from the evil sorcerer, sitting on a horse. Upon learning of this, the sorcerer became angry and rushed in pursuit. Having overtaken the lovers, he cast his spell and a funnel to hell opened in the earth and devoured two lovers. After that, the “Hell’s Mouth” remained open and even the vast ocean cannot saturate it. True or legend, no one knows. Also, there are many rumors about the rift that people are mysteriously disappearing here.

In fact, experts believe that there used to be a cave here. Under the constant action of water, its upper ball collapsed, leaving a huge open hole in this place creating the “Hell’s Mouth”. During bad weather and storms, the waves create a loud noise here, the sounds being really frightening. But this place is truly unique, here the deep sea meets the rocky land and conducts a desperate battle with it. Boca do Inferno is a divine view of the ocean and the sun, a magnificent sight from the raging ox and white foam.

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