Fatima, one of our tours, is a unique city, the religious and spiritual center of Portugal, one of the main pilgrimage sites for Christians from around the world. Thousands of pilgrims come here daily to worship the city shrines. Fatima became known thanks to the appearance of the Virgin Mary to three children shepherds at the beginning of the twentieth century. In honor of this event, a huge complex was erected in the city – the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima, where religious events, ceremonies, holidays, prayers are held. The complex includes the Basilica of the Virgin Mary of the Rosary with a bell tower, a large area for worshipers, the Chapel of the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary and the Church of the Holy Trinity.

If you come to Portugal, you should definitely visit the city of Fatima in order to experience the atmosphere of this place, see the beauty of the complex and visit all the sights of the city. In addition to the tour program, you will have free time to enjoy a walk in Fatima, to see its distinctive culture and indescribable beauty.

Where to book a tour to Fatima from Lisbon?

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