The Carnival of Portugal 2020 is coming, a lot of animation will be spread all over the country, partying everywhere with a lot of joy and excitement.

Despite the big parties, this day is not an official holiday in Portugal. The decision to make this day a holiday is up to the municipalities and private companies.

In Portugal several traditions exist, many masquerade as Carnival costumes featuring professions, movie characters, cartoons or media personalities.

Never forgetting children, they often celebrate in colorful costumes, in parades organized by schools and/or leisure associations.

We leave here two of the great parties held in Portugal, already known worldwide by tourists.

Carnival of Estarreja 2020

Celebrating since 1897, the Estarreja Carnival is now better organized and with a unique show, being today an unmissable experience for the visiting public who sees the attraction.

This is one of the best and oldest carnival processions in the country.

Here you can experience the Brazilian carnival, traditional and revelry. All these cultural expressions coexist in a unique event not to be missed!

Torres Vedras Carnival

“Magic & Fantasy” will be the theme of this year’s Carnival in Torres Vedras, which will take place between 21 and 26 February.

During these six days of revelry, the streets will be invaded by the figures that characterize what is the “most Portuguese Carnival in Portugal”.

“Big heads” dance to the sound of Zés Pereiras, floats that satirize public figures, while everyone has fun at a Carnival where everyone participates, including visitors.

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