Local Guides in Lisbon
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Local guides

Residents of one of the most popular city in the world are happy to share Lisbon city with you. But they want it represented correctly of course! So locals really are giving you their all in introducing Lisbon to its visitors.

Local Guides in Lisbon

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Guide Antonio

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"Antonio was our "angel guide" for Sinatra Cascais, Porto and Lisbon city tour. He is a very competent, polite and cool driver in the busy streets of Lisbon. He knows all the short cuts and hidden secrets that only a local has advantage. " - 2snow1234. View all reviews on TripAdvisor


Guide Nidia

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"...We had a great tour guide by the name of Nidia who was just fantastic. She was funny and kept us laughing out loud throughout the whole experience. The views from Pena Palace, Sintra mountains and hells mouth where breathtaking!! " - Lepachandi. View all reviews on TripAdvisor


Guide Matheus

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"Matheus was our guide and he did an AMAZING job. He was so friendly and knew a lot to tell. He was a pleasure to listen to! I had a wonderful time! Thanks for everything!" - Cindy. View all reviews on TripAdvisor


Guide Rui

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"Our Tour guide Rui was excellent. Very pleasant, knowledgeable and a good driver. He made sure we were comfortable and was very helpful." - Tony Rib. View all reviews on TripAdvisor


Guide Alexandre

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"...Alex our tour guide was so knowledgeable about the areas and knew all the history of Portugal. We were 7 people on a private tour in a comfortable van. We were picked up and brought back to our hotel. I would highly recommend taking a..." - Bonnied. View all reviews on TripAdvisor


Guide Luis

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"We enjoyed a wonderful tour by Luis who was knowledgable, friendly, a great driver and sings Fado. He also speaks 5 languages and is learning a 6th.... Japanese. We highly recommend this tour." - Carol M. View all reviews on TripAdvisor

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