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Fatima sanctuary

Fatima Sanctuary

Fatima sanctuary

Fatima sanctuary is located in the center of Fatima - is one of the largest sanctuaries in the world, with more than 5 million visitors each year. The largest pilgrimage occurs on the 12 and 13th May and in October. This Modern church of the Sanctuary was built in 2007 it is 125 meters in diameter.

It was the religious phenomena of the Apparitions of Nossa Senhora de Fatima to the shepherds that led the city's growth, now with about 10 thousand inhabitants.

According to the legend, a celestial ‘lady shining brighter than the sun’ appeared before the three children, stressing the importance of praying the rosary and informing them that she would reappear on the same date, and at the same time, for five consecutive months. She promised to reveal her identity and perform a miracle on the day of their last meeting.

During the succeeding months, Our Lady delivered three prophecies to the children. On 13th October, at the appointed time, some 70,000 people gathered to await the promised apparition. As the people prayed the rosary, Our Lady appeared and performed what is referred to as the ‘Miracle of the Sun’: the sun began to spin wildly resembling a rolling ball of fire and the heavy rain that had been falling suddenly ceased and the people’s wet garments were miraculously dried.

Visit the imposing neoclassical basilica that stands in the heart of Fatima’s sanctuary and the tombs of the shepherd children that lie within. The small Chapel of Apparitions is also noteworthy as this marks the site where Our Lady of Fatima made her appearances. Be sure to see the large block of the Berlin Wall situated near the chapel (a symbol of the end of communism, as revealed in one of Fatima’s secrets) and visit the houses of the shepherd children in the town of Aljustrel. Walking the Stations of the Cross is one of Fatima’s most popular processions, leading faithful pilgrims to the 14 chapels that represent different stages of the Passion of Christ.

How to Get There Travelling from Lisbon by bus, go to the central bus station in Sete-Rios (Praça Marechal Humberto Delgado, Rua das Laranjeiras). You can either take a taxi to the station or take the Metro to the Jardin Zoologico stop - the bus station is right outside. Buy a ticket at a ticket office in the station. Buses leave for Fatima approximately hourly from 8am to 8pm. The bus journey costs about €10 each way, takes about 90 minutes and arrives close to the shrine. If you want to visit Fatima sanctuary BOOK Fatima Sanctuary Tour here