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Lisbon tourist information

Beyond Lisbon, lies a wealth of day trip options. Some of the most rewarding tourist destinations can be reached within an hour of the city center, either by car, bus, or train. Surrounding Lisbon are ancient castles, sumptuous palaces, and a host of other historic monuments waiting to be discovered. Along the coast, you'll find ....

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Top 20 best beaches in Portugal

Lisbon is a great destination for a long weekend escape: it’s a multicultural, passionate, multifaceted city, and it will conquer you with its mix of modern and old fashioned. So, what you must see in Lisbon? Here are what you need to include in your portuguese itinerary.

Visit the Alfama district by tram. Jump on the Number 28.....

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What to in Lisbon

If you’re planning to visit the Portuguese capital soon, we are sure that a guide of the Top 25 things to do in Lisbon Portugal. Is exactly what you need to read What to in Lisbon to make sure you enjoy the best way possible your stay in this beautiful city. Lisboa....

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Alentejo trip

Alentejo trip trip for the visitor it feels like undiscovered territory, a sleepy landscape of empty roads, pretty white villages, fields of half-naked cork-oak trees, vines, olive groves and small towns that have remained practically unchanged for centuries ....

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Christ King statue

Christ King statue statue is an impressive monument located in the neighboring city of Almada which, from a 110-meter height, overlooks Lisbon from one end of the 25 de Abril Bridge (on which Lisbon is accessible by car). The statue proper measures 18 meters, whereas the rest of the height is yielded by the pedestal....

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Jose Maria da Fonseca

Jose Maria da Fonseca

Jose Maria da Fonseca is a family business with almost two centuries of history. One that has known how to stay up-to-date without ever sitting back on its laurels. Jose Maria da Fonseca has been making wines since 1834, resulting from the shared passion of a family that has known how to preserve and project the memory and the prestige of its founder....

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Templar Castle

Templar Castle in Tomar, was constructed by Gualdim Pais in the mid 12th Century on a strategic location high on a hill close to the River Nabao. A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Castle is a fine example of Templar architecture of great historic and cultural significance....

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Wedding town

Wedding town Obidos boasts an amazing historical center, surrounded by a classic battlemented wall, formed by a maze of stone paved streets, and pleasingly whitewashed houses adorned with flowers and bright spots of yellow and blue painting....

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Fatima sanctuary

Fatima sanctuary is located in the center of Fatima - is one of the largest sanctuaries in the world, with more than 5 million visitors each year. The largest pilgrimage occurs on the 12 and 13th May and in October. This Modern church of the Sanctuary was built in 2007 it is 125 meters in diameter.....

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Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca is a wild and rugged headland that marks the most westerly point of mainland Europe. The windswept cliffs of Cabo de Roca were believed to be the edge of the world up until the up until the late 14th century and the spectacular, desolate scenery adds to the allure of the location.....

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